Authentic Tourism

It is not just a stay at a Guest House!

 With Authentic Tourism, you will connect with a living Christian community instead of a travel agency.

You will experience local culture-from art to cuisine to the warmth of Palestinian hospitality. You will have genuine and meaningful encounters with the “living stones” of the Holy Land.

You can witness and partner with ministries of healing and hope. Your travel will benefit the local community, investing in programs that provide support and empowerment to the entire Palestinian society from womb to tomb. And when you leave, you will still be connected to the Holy Land through deep relationships and ongoing updates on the life of the community that you have become a part of.

Enrich your Holy Land experience with our Authentic Tourism Program!

Room at the Inn

Stay at the Abu Jubran Guesthouse and experience:

  • A sanctuary in the heart of the old city of Bethlehem
  • Authentic, local cuisine
  • Warm hospitality from a dedicated staff
  • Convenient location a 5 minute walk to Manger Square
  • Learn more here. (link to site for the guesthouse where you can put all the details, like wifi, etc.)

Travel with a Purpose

Come on one of our themed tours and try:

  • Painting the landscape of the Bible
  • Cooking authentic Palestinian food
  • Experiencing traditional dance and local art
  • Eating a meal described in the Bible in a real cave
  • Something for everyone, no matter your age or interest!  Inquire here