Mission & Vision


Diyar is the plural of Dar, which means “home” or “homeland” in Arabic. Diyar is a Lutheran-based, ecumenically-oriented organization serving the whole Palestinian community, with emphasis on children, youth, women and the elderly through unique programs that are contextual and holistic in nature. Founded in 1995 as the International Center of Bethlehem, Diyar Consortium serves several thousands of members and reaches to more than 60,000 people annually.

Our Vision

That We Might Have Life & Have It Abundantly

Diyar’s vision is related to influencing people’s transition from a stance of reactivity to one of pro-activity,
from being victims to becoming visionaries, from waiting to creating, and from surviving to thriving.

Our Mission

To build a country; stone by stone
To empower a community; person by person
To create institutions that give life in abundance